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Check your credit score for TODAY and get credit within 5 mins.

Do you want debit at a low rate? Want to grow your Business and need finance? Need finance from global investors? Want to start your own business? Need a financial assistant?

We MONEY ZEBRA connecting foreign debt purchasers and local lenders – you can bid per application submitted to our auction platform by a local licensed company. You can rely on the scoring provided by the local company or do your scoring.

Benefits of joining with us

KYC Passed- ID & Proof of address confirmed by a local lender.

Paperwork Done- Signed and verified by a local licensed lender.

Credit Score- Based on credit history extracted from local sources.

Transaction History- Full access of account history.

Short Execution Time- Done in 4 mins 30 sec on average.

Local Partner- We are working with local verified partners.

About US

Money Zebra provides immediate access allowing you to bid on a vast number of opportunities in consumer and MSME lending harvested in Africa. The applications contain enough information to do your scoring if you want to. This is the fastest and the most efficient way to buy debt in emerging markets. We do this at Pan-African scale and with solid returns.

Our goal is to bring better-priced financing to places which have difficulties in accessing it, such as low-income, off-grid households. At Money Zebra we want to make an impact and bring change to the world.

Our services

Access to a database of applications for financial services.

Historical data to train your risk model.

Long-term sustainable source of applications.

Paperwork and compliance are sorted.

Local licensed players’ support.

Bad debt recovery and debt marketplace.

Why We?

We provide the best debt service at low cost with the help of local lenders and partners. We have a large number of local connections. Our collaboration with local lenders helps you in getting the highest amount of possible credit.

We are better than anyone else because we help you buy debt with the highest possible rate above your minimums.

Micro Finance In South Africa

In South Africa, there are many organizations that offer credit to residents of low-income areas. Our research centered on finding potential micro-lending partnerships amongst three main types of organizations: retailers, home improvement organizations, and finance institutions.

South African retailers often offer credit through hire buy agreements, which allow low-income customers to pay for products over a longer period of time. Home improvement organizations offer loans to individuals attempting to build or change their homes, and are often funded by the South African government through the country’s Rural Housing Loan Fund (RHLF).

We also looked into banks and specialized loan providers that offer credit options to residents of low-income areas. The size of these banks could make product distribution a quick and easy process. We believed that these three types of organizations would be the best potential partners for Money Zebra.